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Training High-Potential Entrepreneurs & Executives

NeuBridges brings the best practices of Silicon Valley to emerging markets in Africa and the Middle East.

 We create an immersive environment for high-potential entrepreneurs and executives. Our training focuses on the tools, skills, and mindset needed to kickstart sustainable economic growth. We show people how to compete and win in the global economy.


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Entrepreneurial Skills Training

We teach entrepreneurs how to grow and sustain ventures in the context of local African economies. Our core curriculum covers innovation from start to finish, including design thinking, rapid prototyping, and project management.

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Corporate Innovation Training

We train leaders within companies to drive innovation and growth. Participants learn about both the strategy and tactics to leading inside a large organization. We work with companies to develop their workforce in line with global standards of quality and productivity.

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Mentorship Program

Our programs focus on long-term value. We connect entrepreneurs with a supportive network of mentors, subject matter experts, and investors. We emphasize systematic 1-on-1 support through partnership that are aimed at specific and product development and financial milestones. 

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African Experts

We have a deep understanding of Africa’s main markets and an unrivaled network of executives, investors, and entrepreneurs. We know how to find critical information quickly, how to open doors, and how to get access to key people.  

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We commit to measurable results and take great pride in saving time and money for our clients. We focus on what matters, working as efficiently as possible to get you the right answers and solve critical problems. And our approach improves with each iteration!

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Proven Curriculum

We tailor our curriculum to fit the needs of each sponsoring community and organization. Programs can be full-time or part-time depending on the needs of the client. We cultivate innovation in people, systems, and processes. The results speak for themselves.



Oluwadara Johnson Treseder

Oluwadara combines a deep understanding of African markets with rich hands-on experience helping people and organizations build profitable businesses in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Before founding NeuBridges Oluwadara was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Stanford University's Venture Studio. Previously she drove strategic growth efforts at Goldman Sachs and Apple. Oluwadara graduated with highest honors in African and African American Studies from Harvard University. She also holds a Masters in Business Administration from Stanford University.

William Treseder

William has over a decade of experience in entrepreneurial training, program management, and design. He is a partner at BMNT Partners, a consultancy specializing in technology commercialization. William co-founded the Silicon Valley Innovation Academy, an immersive training program for international entrepreneurs, and previously worked at Singularity University. He also researches market economics as a Next Generation Fellow at the Hoover Institution. William graduated from Stanford University, where he also completed an Executive Education certificate.

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