Since 2014, NeuBridges has worked with GE to develop the GE Lagos Garage, a manufacturing-based innovation hub geared towards equipping the next generation of Nigerian entrepreneurs with innovative tools in technology, strategy development, idea generation and collaboration.


Partnership with GE

In 2012, GE and NeuBridges partnered to design and execute the Lagos GE Garage Program. This program is an innovation hub, designed to provide innovative minds with access to new, advanced tools and inventive skills training that will shape the future of work across Africa.

The driving force behind our partnership with GE is to develop the Lagos Garage into the leading hardware-focused skills training program for entrepreneurs in Africa. Through the Garage program, hardware entrepreneurs with existing products or ideas are exposed to world-class training, cutting-edge technology, instructors, technical experts, investors and partners to aid them in transforming their wildest ideas into reality.  


Training programs

Over the past 5 years, GE and NeuBridges have collaborated to produce training programs on Advanced Manufacturing and Entrepreneurship for budding innovators across Nigeria. 

Each training program takes place over four weeks and provides selected participants with the opportunity to interact with some of the newest manufacturing technologies, including 3D printers and laser cutters to accelerate their innovative processes through rapid prototyping. Participants are also provided with first-class instructors and mentors, with vast experience in product conceptualisation and design, business model development, business law, marketing, management and investment procurement.

2014 autumn program

Download 2014 Autumn Program report here


2016 WINTER program

Download 2016 Winter Program report here

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2017 spring program 

Download 2017 Spring Program report here